Workshops : Current Trends and Mysteries Ahead (Part 1)

” नारी शक्ती का अवतार है “
March 18, 2018
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Well the moment you open the Facebook these days, There are one or the other “Instructors” these days teaching you an out of the world techniques.

A New trend on Facebook has emerged nowadays.

The techniques which kinda guarantees certain things..

  1. Double up your clinic revenue and earn in lakhs.
  2. Latest techniques which will make you an excellent physio and enhance your knowledge.
  3. After learning these certain things you will be able to suffix, prefix certain words after your degree, your car and so many things.
  4. This is your only chance to learn this technique from so and so instructor from London, America and may be Mars ( who knows … !!)

What exactly happens after learning these techniques will be covered in a 2 part article followed after this one.

But lets first try to understand and analyze the mentality of Physios when it comes to workshops and other certifications these days.


What do these workhops are for??

The trend of learning is not new. But trend of workshops is definitely new and very young.

In old times there used to be higher educational qualifications when you used to talk about up gradation. People used to travel to these institutions which were present mostly abroad and used to learn techniques to enhance knowledge and improve their skills. And it used to be the “Good Old Times”. ..

This has certainly becoming into a money making scheme nowadays


But then we the humans want  profit out of everything. It took some smart individuals very less time to realize that this can be turned into a venture as.

1. One of major reasons is no system in our community.


  1. Our field is as such there are very little chances of up gradation or learning as there is no systematic structure or avenue for learning or continuing medical education.

    2. Affordability also plays an important role

  2. Not everyone can afford to go out and learn these techniques for their own good, finances are a major problem as the per – capita income of our community as whole is less balanced i.e We have excellent individuals who do exceptionally well financially then we have people we are not able to pursue their own financial dreams.

    3. Most of us physios don’t accept change very well. isnt it?

  3. Not everyone was ready to learn new techniques or accept the change, we as physios are not welcoming sometimes towards a change. We are too skeptical sometimes whether we should go ahead or not. Mental block is a major reason for that.

    4. Too much work and hectic lifestyle takes toll on health and work life balance

  4. Physios are a very hard working class of people sometimes even over worked and mostly who work as Salaried employees for various institutions like Hospitals, Colleges, Clinics or any other private set up have hectic work timings and seldom get time for all this.

    5. Says it all

  5. Last but not the least we lack the creativity or desire to do something different, or sometimes leave our own comfort zone to do, or achieve something extra ordinary leading to a stagnation and ordinary life.

So in the end sometimes we become our own enemies and can further lead to our own deterioration.

Also the bigger perspective lies in the fact that we ask ourselves these questions like .

What to learn ?

Why to learn?

Who to learn from??

How to learn ?

Also we very much sure these all questions must have been at back of your mind but never got the answers to.  So in our next parts we would like to cover these points and help you guys to understand this that how some points can actually help you in choosing the kind of techniques you choose and decide to learn.

Thanks for reading.



Contributed By :

Dr. Prerak Arya (PT)




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