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February 11, 2018
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Feeling Good is a Must for Well Being

In an era of ever growing demands to look good and feel good we forget to “be good”.

The quest of coping up with the society today has driven us so much into “commercializing” ourselves.

Stress Can be Really Testing Sometimes

We are now seeing females turning from regular housewives to intense workaholics. And there are some who handle being both. In such a scenario we end up being frustrated, stressed out and ultimately affecting our performances at home or work place.

Multi-taskers : Women tend to take too much on themselves most of the times.

The problem is we are not spacing ourselves. We are trying very hard to fit in what has been demanded of us. Your son might need you to make him a birthday cake for his friends, your husband needs his morning coffee on time, your family members look upon you to take of the house, your boss trusts you with some responsibilities, your co-workers take your help too.

Being Happy is the best remedy sometimes

But what do “you” want of yourself is always has been an unanswered question, or rather say we have never tried to answer that question? Is our well-being not important at all?

How many times have you sneaked out of daily schedule to relax your mind, be fresh and get back to “them”?

How many times you have visited the mall and spent hours to find that one dress that looks perfect on you, all by yourself?

Eat without regret

How often do u NOT think before eating a pizza or taco fully loaded with cheese? How many times have you cried your guts out just to let things flow?

Jack Of All Trades, can be really demanding

Women are blessed to be the jack of all trades. The only thing is we fail to realize the fate we our pushing ourselves into. We forget to thank ourselves to be so versatile to take it all.

Love Yourself, Be Yourself. ..

To all the ladies reading this, thank yourself being you. Celebrate the fact that you have been a blessing for the society and above all for yourself.

Happy International Women’s Day (8th March)

If we all think this way, we don’t really need an 8th March every year to celebrate womanhood. Cheers to all the wonderful ladies out there.


Contributed By :

Deja Vu

A Sincere Professional,

A Lovable Daughter,

An Wonderful Human Being.

A Writer In The Making. ..!!

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  2. Ankita joshi says:

    A very beautiful artical… its true we dont get time for ourself .. being a working lady we have to manage everything be it home or office.. very nicely written.

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