Dr.Ganesh Pande

Specializations: B.Th.O , O.T.R (USA),

Designation: Mentor and Guide


Dr. Ganesh Pande is one of the Senior most and only a handful of experienced Occupational Therapists in Pune with a special field of interest in both occupational therapy and physiotherapy.

He completed his Bachelors from One of the most famous and oldest college GMC, Nagpur in year 1983 and then joined as a junior therapist in Sassoon Hospital, Pune Station. Then after practicing their for 12 years he moved to Missouri, America and specialized in Hand Therapy.

He was also awarded as “Best Clinician Of The Year” for 1997 during his tenure there by Nova Healthcare. He also presented a paper there in an International Conference on “Prevalence Of Low Back Ache” and “Fracture Neck Femur” Dr. Pande then returned to India hoping to impart his Skills and Treatment methods to Indian Students and upgrade them. Currently he leads the Rehabilitation Department of Sassoon Hospital as a Head Of Department and nurtures young talent to provide services to humanity.

He also shares his knowledge and expertise with students as a Professor in Various colleges like Sancheti College, Rangoonwala College, Modern College and Ferguson College. He has been a Mainstay and Catalyst of many conferences, Guide to many students, Speaker to many podiums and Chief Guest to many Functions, the list is endless and still counting.

With almost 34 years of selfless services towards society and humanity, now Pande sir aims at upgrading and spreading awareness about physiotherapy through Camps, Lectures, Workshops, and Talks.

So Now Pande sir leads the way for team Powerphysio as a Mentor, Guide, Visionary, Motivator or in other words we can simply say that he is the “Father Of Powerphysio” . A simple man by nature he believes in a simple philosophy ”Keep Learning from your Experiences and Improving from your mistakes”..

For consultations and appointments for people near Shivaji Nagar, Baner, Aundh, Bhosale Nagar, Ashok Nagar, S B Road Region you can contact Dr. Ganesh Pande at 9423009353 or visit our S B Road Branch
Address : 1 Nirmal Corner, Opp Sungard, Ganesh Khind Road, Behind Mulchand Sweets, Pune 411016

Dr.Prerak Arya

Specializations: MPT (Sports), MIAP

Designation: Founder Director, Powerphysio


Dr. Prerak Arya (PT) is a Sports Physiotherapist in Pune . He completed his Bachelors from Institute Of Applied Medicine And Research, Duhai, Ghaziabad in year 2009 and then Pursued and completed his Master’s In Sports Physiotherapy from Padmashree Dr. D Y Patil College Of Physiotherapy Pimpri, Pune in year 2012. Immediately after his masters he started practicing with the sports facilities in town. He has till now worked with many sports such as Shooting, Football, Badminton, Judo, Karate, Roll Ball, Swimming, Tennis, Marathons.

He has also associated with Apollo Healthcare as a Consultant and Conducted health camps for various IT Companies and Private sectors like BMC Software, WIPRO, Marigold, Cognizant, TCS, ALL States, Capegemini Wipro Technologies, Allianz. He has written articles about fitness and health for various blogs and websites.

And Also takes a keen interest in Health, Fitness and Nutrition. Also he has worked with One of the best Football Clubs of South East Asia that is PUNE FC.

When not working on field with Athletes he works as a consultant with Wipro Technologies and one of his major responsibilities on daily basis is Treating their musculoskeletal issues along with educating them on postural correction and ergonomics. A vision of doing something for physiotherapy and making it a household name led him to founding the company “Powerphysio” .

As a Founder Director he is not only the think tank of Powerphysio but is closely involved in the development of new ideas and concepts to help the physiotherapy profession and physios ,so they can apply and utilize their potential to the Maximum limits He sees Physiotherapy on top of all the professions and is thriving hard to make that happen. Dr. Prerak Arya Believes in ideology that “A Creative man is motivated by desire to achieve, and not by desire to beat others”.

For consultations and appointments for people near Pimple Suadagar,Rahatani, Wakad, Kaspati Wasti, Park Street, Region you can contact Dr. Prerak Arya at 7875070495 or visit our WAKAD Branch

Dr.Shraddha Arya

Specializations: BPTh, CKTT

Designation: Director


Dr. Shraddha Arya (PT) is a renowned Physiotherapist in Pune . She completed her Bachelors from prestigious Padmashree Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Physiotherapy, Pune in year 2011 and then worked as Physiotherapist in Sahyadri Multispeciality Hospital, Deccan and Bopodi branches for almost 2 years.

Dr. Shraddha (PT) has also learnt and mastered techniques like Kinesiology Taping, Pilates ,Yoga, Su-Jog and Dry Needling. She has also been awarded as Pune’s first Certified Kinesiology Taping Therapist (CKTT) by IKT, New Delhi, Dr. Shraddha (PT) holds life membership Of Maharashtra OT PT Council. She then extended her horizon of knowledge by being part of Oxyfit Fitness Centre and Nikhil Kanitkar’s Badminton Academy, Balewadi (NKBA) simultaneously to understand more about Fitness, Sports and Exercise.

Currently Dr. Shraddhahas also worked closely with Women’s Football teams Pune FC and FC CITY PUne . Apart from Following the latest treatment trends, she has also has an inclination towards research and submitted the project on “Incidences of Plantar Fasciitis in Obese individuals” and Also “Effects of C2 mobilization on Cervicogenic headache”. She has done extensive work in Ergonomics and Postural problems, especially in Software employees. She has worked with many IT Companies Like BMC Software, Bekart, WIPRO, Marigold, Cognizant,Accenture as a consultant to analyze the problems they go through.

She is also The Director Of “Powerphysio” and currently incharge of Powerphysio’s WAKAD Branch. Dr. Shraddha preaches a simple philosophy of “You Create, Your Own Future”..

For consultations and appointments for people near Pimple Suadagar,Rahatani, Wakad, Kaspati Wasti, Park Street, Region you can contact Dr. Shraddha Arya at 9923636382 or visit our WAKAD Branch

Dr. Kshipra Joshi (PT)

Specializations: Bpth, PGDM (Manual Therapy) Curtin, Australia

Designation: Team Leader - Powerphysio


Dr. Kshipra Joshi is a senior physiotherapist in Pune. She completed her Bachelors Degree from very famous Sancheti College of Physiotherapy in the Year 2004 and immediately after sshifted her base to Mumbai to Work with Dr. Ali Irani, HOD Balabhai Nanabhai Hospital, Mumbai. Who also has been the President of Indian Association Of Physiotherapy and worked under guidance for a long period of 2.5 years and learnt and mastered the patient treating, handling and management skills.

There in Mumbai she not only worked closely with celebrities as their physiotherapist but also took care of their fitness and injury management as well.

She has been constantly upgrading her knowledge and skills as a therapist through various workshops and CME’s etc. She has been Certified in Mulligan Concept by Dr. Deepak Kumar Capri who is one of the pioneers in the field of pHYSIOTHERAPY and the Mulligan Technique,

Certified in PSRP by renowed surgeon Dr. Ashish Babhulkar who specializes in assessing, diagnosing and treating shoulder related issues.

After a stint with Dr, Babulkar she developed a keen interest in Shoulder Injuries and Management. In order to gain knowledge and sharpen her skills She left and pursued her higher education in Curtin, University Perth and specialized in Manual Therapy. She has already worked with various sports and tends to treat athletes with utmost perfection. She has a keen interest in field of sports and fitness.

She also trains herself as she is a fitness freak and takes actively part in most of the marathons as a participant.

Uma kale

Specializations: Sports Nutritionist, Human nutrition and Dietetics

Designation: Sports Nutritionist - Powerphysio


Miss Uma Kale has studied Sports Nutrition from Mumbai University and Human Nutrition and Dietetics from SNDT University.

She has been a nutrition coach for budding and pro tennis, badminton, cricket players.

She excels in designing nutrition plans for marathon runners, Ironman finishers and long distance skaters.

She has been a team’s nutritionist for Goa Rugby team. Uma is active member of Apollo Hospital’s health panel.

This health panel offers wellness programmes for corporate offices like Allianz, TCS, Cognizant, IDEA. She offers structured programmes for weight loss, diabetes control and pregnancy.

She works exclusively in planning Ketogenic diets for epileptic and autism patients. she has also worked with Tata salt, DY Patil Hospital, Solaris sports club in the past.

She is organised and Detail Orientated person who has been an active athlete all her life. Apart from being from being an active and fitness enthusiast herself she has been a National Level Speed Skater and represented the Maharashtra State in various Championships

Her enthusiasm towards acquiring more knowledge has helped her excels in Nutrition science.

Also she herself believes that diet and nutrition are not something which should a puzzle for the community and the people. She also believes the achieving your ideal weight and size is far from rocket science and can be achieved easily.

She vows to create awareness and help everyone to solve this puzzle, you can start seeking her guidance in reaching your weight goals today.

For consultations and appointments for people near Pimple Suadagar,Rahatani, Wakad, Kaspati Wasti, Park Street, Region you can contact Dr. Prerak Arya at 7875070495 or visit our WAKAD Branch

Dr. Makarand Bhagwat

Specializations: BPTh

Designation: Physiotherapist - Powerphysio


Dr. Makarand Bhagwat is a young enthusiastic physiotherapist practicing in Pune. One of the oldest and most loyal members of Powerphysio He completed his bachelors in physiotherapy from PES's Modern College of Physiotherapy,Pune in 2015 and joined Powerphysio and became mainstay of the services, right from Marathons to Homecare, from Events to Tournament Cover he gave his best and 100% of his efforts.

Apart from being an extremely hardworking guy he is also a quick learner. And always ready to embrace challenges with utmost ease and comfort.

Working with Powerphysio opened various opportunities for him but his biggest breakthrough was as Physiotherapist for Soccer School of Hrithik Roshan Owned ISL Pune Franchiese City Development Center with U-12 and U-14 football teams.

He keenly practices latest techniques such as k-taping, sports taping, MFR and Trigger release techniques, Dry needling.

While exclusively working in the sports field he has treated athletes playing Football, Roll-ball, Badminton, Kabaddi, Cricket, etc. and has worked as tournament physio.

Recently he has worked as a physiotherapist in Maharashtra Kabaddi league (MKL), held in Chatrapati Shivaji Sports Complex, Balewadi.

Now to further enhance his skill set he is going for higher studies to UK.

He wishes to learn newer techniques and impart knowledge so that he can upgrade himself but also plans to do something for the upliftment of physiotherapy community.
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