15 Commandments for Physiotherapy : Points to be remembered while applying for a Job.

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December 10, 2017
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Interview is something which always gives us goosebumps, especially when you have to face your employer for the first time. There is certain level of anxiety and fear.

Many questions and doubts arise in your mind. Its not an One time exam but an ongoing process for an test called LIFE. Its a lifetime learning process and experience.

Today we have tried to compile some of the points, which will help you in planning your next big interview and help you be prepared for it.

15 Commandments For Good Professional Behavior


So these are 15 Commandments which will help you crack the Interview or at least leave a good impression on your employer.

Be Careful. Not To Forward One Mail Too Many Times


  1. Avoid forwarding the same mail (along with resume) which you have forwarded to several employers earlier, for the job.

    Covering Letter is very important to make a good impression on your employer


  2. Always mention some basic details like Your name, the reference of post , post applied for etc in the mail body so that it exhibits the effort and the interest you have taken in applying for the job. This is also called as covering letter.

    Spouses and Profession Don’t Mix well. Keep it simple and away

  3. Never mention your spouse, parents or relatives contact number in your resume.

    keep your contact number and address up to date

  4. Check your contact number mentioned in the resume is correct. It may so happen that you changed your number but forget to update in your resume.

    Not only personal information. Aims, Experience and Expectation Should be updated regularly.


  5. It is commonly found that you copy other’s resume and do not bother to check even once whether you have the same goal as mentioned in the resume that you copied. When interviewer ask you about your goal, it is no way matching with the one you mentioned in your resume.

    All information must be verified. Updated.

  6. Similarly, the candidate needs to verify the entire content of the resume.
  7. If the job location is another city than your reside, you should be prepared for the re-location before applying. Don’t tell your employer, I’ll ask my parents. Employer has put his time and money in taking your interview and you should respect it.

    Sometimes Its better to be yourself


  8. In interview, if you do not know the answer, you need to promptly say that you do not know the answer than trying to answer in superficial way, as interviewer can go deeper and when you wont be able to answer then you may get rejected. Please note employer would also like to see your human values more than your technical knowledge. As technical knowledge can be improved but attitude of the candidate plays a major role in the selection process.

    Don’t Lose Hope. Ever


  9. Do not dis-hearten and loose patience if you are not able to answer in the interview. Employers have their own selection criteria s for the job. Who knows what character of yours will make your employer convinced to hire you.

    Keep Contact.

  10. Promptly pick up the phone even if you do not want to do the job with that employer post your application for the job. Do let them know you need certain time to decide and employer will understand what action should be taken from his end. But the employer will appreciate your promptness.

    Never Discuss Money Matters on phone

  11. Never ask salary before the interview or on the comments of job post in the social media. It depends on your knowledge, current salary, experience and how valuable/ suitable for the role.

    Research and then apply. Period

  12. Before applying or before interview, do a little research on the clinic or company applied for. You should know about your employer before working with them. This will help you take better and faster decision to join a company. Employers will not be waiting for long if you ask for longer time to join. So sooner you take the decision better it will be for you and employer.
  13. Never ask your spouse or parents to call employers and ask if there is a vacancy. Its your job. You have to do.

    Handle disputes and differences with dignity. By yourself

  14. Never involve your parents or spouse in any disputes with your employer. Its your professional dispute, so both of you (candidate & employer) should amicably resolve it as per the terms and conditions mentioned in the Appointment letter or Bond, if any.

    Maintain Relations. Reap Long-term Benefits

  15. Always believe in long term relationship with the employer. Our fraternity is very small and you never know who will help you in what circumstances. Ultimately, your employer should refer you as a Good Candidate.


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